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  • Cap radop Dec 6 2022: Capitol Annex project violated environmental regulations, appeals court rules
  • Column—LA Times—see separate file
  • CBS Sacramento: Lawsuit brings California State Capitol Annex project to a halt
  • Opponents of $900 million Capitol Annex project succeed in appeals court Sacramento Business Journal | By Emily Hamann | December 9, 2022
  • Inside the now-empty Annex—what should be saved?
  • A poll shows super majority of Californians oppose current Capitol Annex Project spending, demolition, and destruction of Capitol Park
  • Former Commissioner Paula Peper Co- authors Latest Infromation on Expected Damage to Capitol Park Trees
  • Capitol Weekly Podcast: Revisiting the Capitol Annex - Capitol Weekly | Capitol Weekly | Capitol Weekly: The Newspaper of California State Government and Politics.
  • California legislature is endangering over 193 historic trees in controversial plan, tree expert says - (
  • December 13, 2022— “Meet the Newbies: Assemblyman Josh Hoover,” Capitol Weekly (Podcast): "And when it came out, the public said, well, this is completely different than the architecture of the Capitol and a number of other things. And I think this lawsuit has a lot of legs. I think we will see some changes."
  • SOC produces map of trees impacted by the proposed Capitol Annex Project
  • SOC creates image of proposed new Annex overpowering the 1860’s Capitol
  • CA Opposes Capitol Annex Project
  • A TV show spotlights opposition to the Capitol Annex Project
  • California’s $1.2 billion Capitol renovation is underway. Activists are still trying to halt it
  • TV News Coverage for the 11/17/21 rally at the Capitol to save the Annex
  • The Sacramento Bee, Letters to the Editor| By Dick Cowan| November 29, 2021
  • New digs — and a hefty price tag — for legislative office space
  • KTLA News at 6:30
  • Capitol Public Radio Investigation
  • California Business Journal examines Annex Project Issues
  • State Lawmakers Choose Style Over Security for Capitol Annex Project
  • Capitol Waste Indeed
  • The history behind Sacramento’s Capitol Park
  • Environmentalists sue to block demolition of the California Capitol annex Lawsuit
  • A new lawsuit challenge New Lawsuit challenge
  • Epoch Times Article Critics of Billion Dollar California Capitol Project Want More Transparency
  • April 26, 2021 letter from United Chambers of Commerce to the San Fernando Valley Business Journal April 26
  • Phil Cowan May 25, 2021 radio interview of PAC’s Dick Cowan (no relation) Scroll to (1:28:16-1:51:30).
  • June 4, 2021 – “The Capitol Annex Project: Demolition by Neglect,” The Andy Caldwell Show, AM 1440 Santa Maria. Interview with Dick Cowan. Audio.
  • June 2, 2021 – “Saving California’s ‘Front Porch’,” The DeMaio Show. Interview with Dick Cowan. Audio.
  • Article by Paula Peper in the American Society of Consulting Arborists magazine the Consultant American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) The Consultant Peper articlee.pdf
  • California Capitol Historic Preservation Society May 3, 2021 Letter—more EIR review needed CalifCapHistPresSoctoDGS050321.pdf
  • SOC May 17, 2021 Letter—Opposition from Small Businesses Capitol Annex Small Business Letter of Opposition.pdf
  • PAC at state capitol building - March 29, 2021 Accountability for our Capitol.mp4
  • PAC Submits Opposition Letter on AB 706 to modify Annex Project AB 706 PAC Oppose 051221.pdf
  • Senator Scott Wilks Tweet 4/12 opposing the Annex project SenWilTweet$1B 4.12.21.jpg
  • Assemblymember Kevin Kiley Tweet 4/12 opposing the Anenx project Kevin Kiley 4.12.21 Tweet.jpg
  • George Skelton Column LA Times remembering the late Senator Jim Mills - savior of the Capitol LATimeSkelton.pdf
  • Sacramento Bee article 4/15 reporting appeal to Senate president Toni Atkins SacBee041521SocLtrAtkins.pdf
  • Sacramento Business Journal article 4/15 reproting opposition to Annex project SacBusJournalOppositionAnnex041521.pdf
  • Letter to Govenor Gavin Newsom - April 2, 2021
  • Mark Hulbert letter to Joint Rules Chairman Cooley 3/22/21 Annex Project-MHPAcorrespond.pdf
  • PAC letter to Legislators of 3/17/21 legis 031721.pdf

  • Joint Rules Hearing Presentation 3/22/21 - Annex Hearing 3.22.21.pdf
  • California State Capitol and Park under Threat - AIA Central Valley - January 27, 2021 Annex Pres_AIACV_Jan21.mp4
  • Link to CPF Webinar Yes, you'll find it on our Youtube page here:
  • Article by Former Senator Quentin L. Kopp
  • Inside Sources January 31, 2021 article by Taxpayer Pres. Turnipseed
  • SacNews&Review article by W Bruce Lee Feb 3, 2021
  • Joint Rules Committee - Official Annex Project Website
  • Department of General Services Environmental Impact Report and Documents for Capitol Annex Project
  • Presentation Materials for 9/9/20 Joint Rules Committee hearing
  • Link to 9/9/20 Joint Rules Committee hearing video
  • In The News

    The Cultural Landscape Foundation designation of the Project as a Landslide. The goal of Landslide is to draw immediate and lasting attention to threatened landscapes and unique features, and to encourage informed, community-based stewardship decisions.

    Karen Jacques 11/14/20 presentation to Preservation Sacramento

    Capitol Weekly article 12/29/20

    Paula Peper interview on Capitol Public Radio Click Here

    Problems presented to state legislature Click Here

    Watch Video on Capitol Trees

    Presentation on 3 Designs' Effect on Trees

    Preservation Society Press Release 2020 11001.pdf

    2020.10.26_Sacramento's most famous landmark is getting a makeover. Here are 3 Capitol Annex designs

    2020.10.24_No Annexation Without Representation

    2020.07.15_Dan Walters_State budget 'balanced' with massive debt

    2020.07.02_Capitol annex visitor's center project to be postponed

    2020.05.28_Protections for at-risk tribal cultural sites

    2020.05.27_Here's how a $54B deficit will hurt Californians

    2020.05.21_Never let a crisis go to waste-and a Governor didn't, as CA voters will discover this Fall

    2020.05.21_Building preservationists want to pause Capitol Annex Project

    2020.05.15_Gov Newsom wants to pause 3 major Sacramento office projects due to deficit

    2020.05.11_Will the Capitol Annex Renovation Continue?

    2020.05.11_Tree lovers vs Capitol Annex Project

    2020.05.06_Rallying to Preserve Our Modern Capitol

    2020.05.04_SacBee Video + Article

    2020.04.15_Beyond Crazy-Coronavirus turns CA's $20B budget reserves to red ink

    2020.02.18_Capitol Construction Puts Historic Trees at Risk of Being Cut Down

    2019.12.16_Usual suspects in Sacramento exempt $424M office from usual rules

    2019.12.10_Every lawmaker gets a window

    2019.11.21_Editorial_Taxpayers fund cosmetic fixes for doomed building used by lawmakers? Really?

    2019.11.20_CA is on track for a $7B budget surplus. Where will the money go?

    2019.11.12_The Capitol Annex will soon be gutted. Lawmakers still asked for nearly $200K in office upgrades

    2019.06.17_$4B in State Government Construction

    2019.03.16_Construction Begins on a New State Office Building

    2019.03.07_New state office 'swing space' underway

    2018.06.25_Capitol Annex faces $755M Redo

    2018.06.14_Capitol staff, get ready to move

    2018.06.12_California lawmakers call in a $1.2 billion wrecking ball for their offices

    2018.02.26_Replace State Capitol - CSHQA

    2018.02.22_CA lawmakers consider a $543M change

    2018.02.21_CA Capitol Annex needs a $543M replacement, report urges

    2018.02.02_CBS 13_Capitol Construction Puts Historic Trees at Risk of Being Cut Down

    2017.07.06_Should CA renovate part of the Capitol - or tear it down?

    2016.06.17_Capitol Roundup_Lawmakers Pass $1B for State Buildings, Restart Gun Research

    2016.06.15_CA budget pact cuts review for Capitol Annex Project

    2016.05.13_Jerry Brown's budget plan predicts slowdown in CA revenue

    2016.04.17_CA Capitol's aging annex eyed for upgrade or tear down

    2016.02.10_LAO says Governor's office-building plan needs more sunshine

    2016.02.09_Wrecking ball for part of the CA Capitol on the table


    2016.01.07_State proposed budget includes repairing old capitol buildings

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